Reduced Giclée Prints - Please Email to Purchase

Reduced Giclée Prints - Please Email to Purchase

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I have some reduced prints for sale, with discounts ranging from 25% - 40% off.

These have light surface damage or imperfections. Photos and info can be provided upon request via email.

If you're interested in purchasing or finding out more, please email, where discounts can be specified and a custom order can be arranged.


These are the prints currently available:

Making Amends Panel 1: 

Small (27 x 29.7cm): 3

Medium (38 x 42cm): 3 

Large (54 x 59.4cm): 2

Making Amends Panel 2:

Small (27 x 29.7cm): 2

Medium (38 x 42cm): 1

Large (54 x 59.4cm): 3

Making Amends Panel 3: 

Small (27 x 29.7cm): 1

Medium (38 x 42cm): 3 

Large (54 x 59.4cm): 1

The Old Aquarium:

Small (11 x 13 inches) – 1

Medium (16 x 19 inches) – 1

Large (24 x 28.5 inches) - 1

Bobby in the Morning:

Medium (43 x 42cm): 4

Large (48 x 59.4cm): 2


Medium (33.5 x 42cm) - 3

Large (47 x 59.4cm) - 1


All profits from the sale of these particular prints will be donated to Julian House. This is a local charity that supports vulnerable and at-risk individuals. These include people experiencing homelessness, escaping domestic abuse, adults with learning difficulties and people who need support after leaving prison. More information on the charity can be found here: